:: NGLS 3

21 – 22 April 2012

Sheraton Bratislava Hotel

Theme: Redesigning the Educational System

(or let’s tell the world what  and how we want to learn)


:: Here’s what you’ll get

  • An opportunity to interact with and learn from NGLS 3 speakers, who will be speaking at the Slovak stage for the first time ever, known from TED stage, bestselling lists, ivy league academic environment and motivational speaking arena.
  • Welcoming 5 star hospitality experience from our host and main partner of the event – Sheraton Bratislava Hotel
  • Two snack breaks, one lunch and hot/cold/caffeinated non- alcoholic drinks to fuel your brain and body;-)
  • A pass to a social media party organized on Saturday evening by Sheraton Hotel.
  • Network of like minded Slovaks (All of a sudden you will not feel like a “lonely nut” anymore)
  • A few more surprises are being cooked for you;-)

:: Who should attend NGLS 3?

  • This conference is designed for individuals who care about (self-) education and see an urgent need for transformation of educational system in Slovakia and elsewhere.
  • You can still be attending high school or university as a student or be part of academia as a teacher/ educator or a policy maker – or if you simply care enough to act, not just sit and complain about it.
  • You are comfortable to communicate in English.
  • You are not afraid to speak up,  pull up your sleeves and get some work done.

:: Here’s what you’ll learn

  • Why there is an urgent need to transform the way we learn
  • How the world’s brightest educators approach this need for a change in the educational system
  • How a team of complete strangers with the same agenda of “a change of the educational system” can create, collaborate and deliver high quality content in less than 48 hours
  • That hanging around 5 star hotel is very welcoming, chilled out and nothing to be scared of as too posh or snobby.

:: Here’s what you’ll experience

  • You will be part of a team who will design a public manifesto which might will inspire other countries or communities to act and take the responsibility for changing their educational system
  • You will meet like minded people and, for a change you will not feel that you are alone and weird, because you care about education and the future of Slovakia
  • You will take part at the 1st social media party organized by our venue host

:: To- be Deliverables of NGLS 3 Conference

  • The NGLS manifesto with a proposal for a brand new way in which we want to learn and what skills and values we want (or our kids/grandchildren) to have and master
  • A minimalistic website, where will be NGLS’s manifesto published
  • The creation of NGLS’s manifesto in digital formats, which will enable it to be spread freely and fast online. E.g. downloadable pdf., Kindle format, kinetic video, infographics, audio version.
  • Establishing social media channels and strategies to support the manifesto to spread and inspire people to act. E.g. Facebook, mobile app.

:: Logistics

This is a two-day long event. It starts on 21 April at 11 AM and lasts until 6PM. After the conference part of Day one, there will be a social media party with superb food, drinks, cool competitions and music. We will continue the next day, Sunday 22 April from 10 AM until 6PM.

It’s a combination of interactive lectures/conversations and intensive small group workshop. There will be a lunch break on Day two and two coffee/snack breaks as well on both days. The NGLS 3 conference will be held at: Sheraton Bratislava Hotel, Pribinova 12, Bratislava. You can follow Sheraton folks on Twitter at @SheratonBA.

:: Registration (starts on 1 st April)

Proceed to the registration page -> www.ngls.sk/registration

Note: NGLS 3 has limited number of seats.

:: Questions?

E-mail at info (at) ngls (dot) sk


:: Speakers Bio

Jim Kouzes is the best-selling author and speaker. He co-authored the book Leadership Challenge, one of the most popular on leadership in the world, with over 1,5 million copies sold. Jim is, according to the Wall Street Journal, one of the twelve best executive educators in the United States. You can learn more about Jim here. Jim will join us live from California via video call. He tweets as @Jim_Kouzes

Sugata Mitra is the visiting professor at MIT, Media Lab, USA and is Professor of Educational Technology, ECLS at Newcastle University, UK. He is famous for his ‘The hole in the wall project”, which he presented on this TED talk “The child-driven education.” Sugata’s experiments demonstrates “How kids teach themselves“. Apart from his two TED talks, he was featured in BBC, Google Zeitgeist and other world class stages. Prof. Mitra’s full bio is here. He tweets as @SugataM

Imanuel Goncalves is the life coach passionate about personal development at Imanuel Goncalves Ltd. in UK. His mission is simple: inspiring hope and happiness. He is mind-blowing keynote speaker and world traveler. You can see Imanuel in moving pictures in his video: The Path to Fulfillment. He tweets as @AncientMurrelet


Alasdair Rawsthorne is the Professor of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. He has over 30 years of experience as a teacher. Alasdair is also a very successful entrepreneur and Transitive company, which he founded, raised over $30M in venture capital investment, contributed a key technology to Apple’s migration to using Intel CPUs in Macintosh computers, saw 16 million copies of their software delivered to end-users, and was acquired by IBM. He tweets as @alasdair53

Ivana Sendecka is the curator and Chief Movement Officer of NGLS. She is passionate about education, social media and entrepreneurship. Ivana is futurist, educator and tribes builder from Inspiring Shipments. She blogs in English and in Slovak language. Her tweets can be followed at @IvanaSendecka


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